Well, what can I say...

Self proclaimed dreamer and procrastinator who enjoys taking pictures rather than being in the picture itself, unless it's my feet. Shorter than most people are, hence the hobbit reference. Other than that, you can almost always find me rambling on about random things... exactly like what I did when writing down this page.

Well... HELLO!

Formally named Stephani F. Halim, but I prefer being called Veve as it sounds sweeter and easier to say as a nickname, ha! A fiery Aquarius who prefers sunflowers over roses, and ONLY 27 years old young!

Besides speaking English very well, there's one more language I'm very fluent at, and it's baby language! Getting babies' attention is something that I'm very damn good at. To me, there's no better sound in the world rather than the sound of babies giggling and children hysterically laughing out loud. I love photographing babies, so if you'd like to have a super fun photo session of your precious little ones, let me know! Call me up, chat me up, drop me an email. Let's arrange a meeting and discuss what you have in mind, I'm always up to the challenge!

Or if you just want to talk about random stuff, no problem, I love random talks! Let's talk about ideas, projects, flea markets, pinhole cameras, pretty things!

Email: felina.mail@gmail.com
Jakarta phone: +628158850885
Singapore phone: +6584212741