Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The day my camera died..

This was Sunday.
This was at Tuas.
Somewhere near the borderline of Singapore.
We were doing a photoshoot near this fence. 
Snapped some quick photos during the break.
Aaaand my camera broke right at this point. I think the shutter got stuck. Still debating whether to take it to camera service shop, or to try fixing it myself. Bummer. No camera! What am I going to do now. :(

One morning at Toa Payoh

 The other day I was woken up by a commotion of sounds from outside of my window. It sounded like a marching band, and I thought, hmm, today is not a public holiday, is it? As I popped my head outside my window, this is what was going on. It's a funeral march!
 I have never seen a funeral going on like this. How very festive!
Rest in peace, Sir.