Saturday, 9 June 2012

Aceh Part Two: Becak Motor Is The Way To Go!

This is what becak motor looks like from behind. It's a rather entertaining mean of transportation. Kind of similar to bajaj, minus the noise and the vibration. It is faster, and the view you get to see from your seat is the best thing about becak motor!
The cleanliness of the city is pretty admirable. They're doing a fine job at keeping the roads (and the water) very, very clean.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Banda Aceh Part One

Okie here's the story, did you know that on March 27-29 I travelled to Aceh?
Well, now you do. And let me tell you one thing: Aceh is wonderfully gorgeous! 
I went to Aceh with a friend to attend our bestie's wedding. As I was used to Jakarta's hecticness, Aceh is a completely different place. Everywhere you look, there are mountains on the background, clear skies, and a lot of green landscape. It almost feels like a whole new world of wonderful escape.
We passed several cemeteries too, some of them are mass cemeteries for tsunami victims. It gives you an eerie feeling of sadness, it was almost unthinkable that some of the areas that we passed through were completely destroyed to the ground when the tsunami hit eight years ago. But it's also giving a relief to see these areas are now very alive. Showing you that people won't forget, but a hope for a new and better life is taking place right now before our eyes.