Saturday, 26 November 2011

10 things I love!

Haven't done this one in quite a while. Here we go!
Gorgeous staircase,
silly fun at Babe Hat Shop,
interesting patterns on tiles,
Janis and Rafa giggling over pumpkins,
my old room at Sambas,
taking stupid pictures using a scanner with your workmate,
adorable little Cupcake,
tom yum soup,
giant christmas tree,
and guys who read! :D

The day we went to Chijmes.

Chijmes was an old Catholic church, now turned into a hip lifestyle destination, with restaurants, cafes, and bars scattered over the lawn area. The hall is still being used for events like weddings. I couldn't go inside the hall because there was an event going on inside. Too bad, I bet the interior is gorgeous inside!

Best gelato in the world!

Oh Alfero, I am completely in love with you. 

Monday, 7 November 2011

And Whitesnake..

Last Tuesday at Fort Canning Park

Thanks to Soleh Solihun and Rolling Stone Indonesia, I got to see Slank and Whitesnake live in Singapore last Tuesday on November 1st. I have spent the whole day catching up to my work, and going to this concert was a refreshing quick break from work. Oh I have missed going to gigs so much. There are not a lot of musical thing going on in Singapore, unlike Jakarta, hahaha. Slank is AWESOME.
Ha! Highlight of my night. I wouldn't do this if I were in Jakarta, buuut since nobody knows me here, so what the heck! Thank you Samuel who sent me this photo. :)