Sunday, 6 January 2013


Some bad things, a lot of great adventures. All in all...
You were awesome, 2012!

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Helloooo, HIIII. 
So many photos to post, so little time to blog. But here's a start. 
Went to Trottoart cafe in November when we went to Bandung. What a dump! Everything was messy there, so many junks, so many treasures! Quite a curious little space. I would love to get back here to enjoy the randomness of the place. Only next time I will wear long trousers, the mosquitos are deadly!
I keep wondering where did the owner get all these things!
What a gorgeous cat. Cute little fella!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday, 27 July 2012

The kind people we met.

Everyone we met n Aceh and Sabang was nice, kind, and polite. Even though I didn't get to photograph everyone we met, here are some of them.
The first is the becak motor driver, who was kind enough to take us wherever we wanted to go, day until night. We met him in front of our hotel in Aceh, and he gave his cellphone number so we could contact him whenever we need his service. He also drove us to the wedding party! That was funny and super fun!
This is the mysterious Mister Biharudin, the becak motor driver. He even picked us up at the ferry port in the morning back from Sabang island.
See? Always the same face expression. Hehehe.
Yeah, we love you, sir.
This is Mister Sutrisno who was our driver in Sabang. A javanese man living in Sabang. He was wearing this shirt given by a tourist who he met and of course, I asked to take a picture. :)
This is Mister Freddie who owns Freddie's, a hotel which is quite popular among tourists in Sabang. He was full booked when we visited, so we were advised to check other hotels. Although we only met Mister Freddie for about two minutes, he seemed like an interesting guy. He was sitting in his kitchen wearing an apron, while browsing the internet.
This is mang Nana, a funny Sundanese man who was in charge of our hotel.
And this is the captain of the ferry that was taking us back to Aceh from Sabang. Unfortunately I forgot his name, but he kind enough to get us our ferry tickets before we got to the ferry port.

Besides these people, there are many more kind people who we met around Aceh and Sabang and helped us (the two lost lambs) get around safely. These people made the trip even more special. Hopefully we'll meet again, until then, thank you so much!

Solong Coffee!

The last few hours of our time in Aceh was spent with... well, more coffee, of course! We went to Solong Coffee and met Hijrah, a very kind guy who owns a souvenirs shop right next to Solong Coffee. When I remember Hijrah, I always remember the hilarious BBM conversation we had discussing dodol Aceh!
Mie Aceh, anyone?

Peace is precious.

This was the view of the sunrise from our hotel balcony in Sumur Tiga, Sabang. A nice, cheap, cottage-like new hotel, with disastrous interior choices, unfortunately. It provided us with great view at 6 AM though. :)
And after this we rushed away to the ferry port to get back to Banda Aceh.
The driver who was taking us to the ferry port had this on the car's dashboard. "I pray that God isn't too picky." Haha!
Oh yes, this food was delish! It was rice with srikaya on top! 
Simple sign, powerful message.
Until we meet again, Sabang!