Monday, 19 March 2012

Tale of Griffin & Sabine

I took these photos last year, but only managed to finally put it to this blog now. Haha, yes I'm lazy. So many photos, so little time. :)
These are old, secondhand books recycled into notebooks made by Ika Vantiani! The book itself contains the story between two characters Griffin and Sabine, which is shared in removable letters and postcards. A very interesting book, the whole book was filled with envelopes and letters in it! There are three books of Griffin and Sabine, these are the first two, I think. The minute I saw the notebooks, I knew I had to get one of these. So now Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence sits nicely in my wardrobe, slowly being filled up with words page by page. While the other book, Sabine's Notebook belongs to Ika.
Ika kept the hardcover of the book and inserted several pages from the original book between the blank pages. 
Such a lovely idea, isn't it? Turning old, beautiful books, into exciting useful notebooks! Or in these books, because the size of the book is big enough, it's also perfect for sketches dan doodles.
Look at the letters! I wish people still make books like these. It's even so exciting just opening the envelopes and reading the letters over and over again. Besides these books, Ika also has other recycled notebooks available for purchase. Contact her if you're interested in having a one of a kind notebook!

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