Thursday, 15 March 2012

Have you ever seen..

a smile so bright it makes you feel as if it could light up the entire world for eternity?
Well, Abel has that kind of smile. Not only that, her smile also comes with this very loud, happy sound, one that probably never heard of sadness and pain. One of the best sounds in the world, at least that's what I think of it.
I wrote her a love letter a week ago. She can't read very well yet, so she can't understand most of the writings. But one day she will know how much she is loved.
Not many person in this world ever experienced unconditional love, and I feel very lucky that she's around, always ready to give me her biggest smile and the tightest hugs whenever I ask her. 

I've been photographing her since she was very little. I still have archives of her photos from 2007. There are probably thousands of photographs of her. And I plan on keep going, until I get bored of photographing her (not likely) or she gets sick of me and my camera (most likely). By the time I'm done, she will have a massive treasure of almost her entire life moments, freezed and saved forever for her to keep as she grows older.

P.S. can you see how well aware she is with the camera? Hahaha. That's right, parents. Train your kids to be camera-friendly! It's good training. :P

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  1. pretty little girl... pretty pictures :)
    i'm sooo gonna shoot my nephews and nieces with bubbles! *nyontek :p