Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cake pops is the new awesome.

Found the tutorial and recipe for cake pops from Pinterest, and I decided to make it as a birthday surprise. The result? Well, not as fancy as the ones from the tutorial, mine was kinda messy, you can tell by the unbalanced placing of the blue icing. After two days of whisking, baking, melting chocolate and getting the house very, very messed up, I decided that I am no baker. Either that or I just don't have the patience for mini cakes. The decorating part was the trickiest part!

But it tasted pretty good, although slightly too sweet for me. Less butter cream next time, maybe. My five-year old cousin Abel joined me and made some cake pops  too. The photos below are the cake pops that she decorated herself.
Yes, it does look like lollipops, isn't it? That's where the term cake pops came from. Unlike lollipops, which is candy inside, cake pops are filled with cake! You can learn more about cake pops on this wonderful cake-site Bakerella.

Abel enjoyed making these cake pops soooooo much. She wants to make more! And I'm like, ugh, maybe one day in the future when I'm completely bored out of my mind. Hahaha. Well, at least someone was happy when we made these. :D

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