Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tree Top Walk!

Having several days off from work, I set out a travel itinerary of places I wanted to visit in Singapore. After a long night of research on the internet, I found out about the HSBC Tree Top Walk. It's basically a very very tall bridge in the middle of a reservoir (aka jungle!). So I get to walk for around 7-10 km through a hiking trail just to be able to get on that bridge. And I thought "Heck, why not! Let's go hiking!"
See, I was walking through the whole orange line. All by myself! Way to go me!
It started out quite sunny when I started walking.
By this point, I was terrified that I was going to stumble upon a lizard. I am not fond of lizards. Eeeks.
It's a very quiet place. There were no other sounds besides my footsteps, random animals sounds, and the wind.
Luckily I didn't run into any lizards when I was alone, but I saw some monkeys and squirrels along the way!
This guy was video-ing a lizard eating something near the trees. THANK HEAVEN FOR THIS STRANGER!
Stopped for a few minutes admiring this leave. The texture! The colour! The way it's all wrinkly and curly in such a delicate way! I wanted to take this leaf home.
And finally, after two hours of walking, I made it to the Tree Top Walk. It's a one way bridge, you're not allowed to turn around once you're on that bridge. By this time the weather has turned murky and windy with mild rain pouring down.
Oh, errr, I didn't expect the bridge to be so long... and narrow. But it would be such a waste to turn back now, wouldn't it?
The bridge swung and wobbled around as I was walking on it. No one else was in sight. It's quite high from the ground. Those trees you see? They are very, very tall trees. As much as I love trees, being 25m above the ground was quite nerve wrecking. Holy shit.
Made it to the middle of the bridge. Holy shit. By this spot I started freaking out. It's pretty scary!! Still a long way to go! I was starting to regret my decision to visit this place hahaha.
Honestly, I was terrified. I took some quick shots of the ground with my hands trembling quite badly. Look, there's only darkness down there, you can't even see the ground!
Oh come on, where is the end of this bridge?? Yes, I panicked. 
FINALLY I got to the end of the Tree Top Walk bridge.
Now... the long way back to where I came in.
It started raining and thundery so I was trying to get the hell out the trail as fast as I could. If you look at the water, it looks dirty, but the water was actually very clear, it's the base of the river you're looking at which makes it looks dirty. But it really wasn't!

In the end, I'm glad I went to Tree Top Walk. Because I might not want to go on that bridge again in the future hahahaha. All in all, it was a good trip! Macritchie reservoir is just one of the many reservoirs located around Singapore. I'm very amazed at Singapore and the efforts being made to keep so many trees, nature, and wildlife animals in such a dense city! I wish Jakarta could have something like this too.

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