Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Red Dot's MAAD night madness!

Later that night, after the hiking trip, I dragged my tired feet to the Red Dot Museum. 
It's MAAD night!
I'm so pleased I went to see it. I felt like I want to spend all my money buying everything they were selling there! 
MAAD is a Market of Artists And Designers. Can you imagine the kind of people who was there? Fantastic, lovely, creative bunch of crowd!
Ooohh I'm so in love with this woman's handmade necklaces. I want 'em all!
Look at those bikes. LOVE.
This guy was sketching using something called Pencilbrush. It's a very interesting tool, instead of the old-fashioned pencil, it's using lead (that you use in mechanical pencils). Apparently it makes it easier to do shading when you're sketching.
I talked to this girl for a while as she explained to me how this tool works. I watched her as she sketched her own face on a piece of paper and wished I know how to sketch, or draw at all, hahaha. She gave me the piece of paper of her sketch and asked me to add her on facebook. Really nice to meet you, Joy!
This girl was selling postcards and greeting cards attached with the photos that she took herself as the cover!
Bought this tiny packet of chocolate for Lucia, in hope that it would cheer her up.
Yep, I think it worked. :D

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  1. I am so envy you!
    I want to sell among them too!