Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What did you do on Tuesday?

As for me, I had a day off on Tuesday, so I went walking around Esplanade and pretend I'm a tourist.
Also checked out the library at Esplanade, their music section is a must visit! Definitely going back there and will spend the whole day reading all books about Bob Dylan. :D
This spot is perfect for sitting around doing nothing for hours!
I don't understand what's up with these fellas but they were like meditating while standing up.
I have a thing for negative space, if you haven't noticed it in my photos by now. Hahaha.
Mr. Tourist dude is looking peculiarly super excited in his flowery clothes.
I also walked to Lau Pa Sat, but my camera died, so no photos from Lau Pa Sat unfortunately.
Oh hey, the Merlion! Surrounded by soooo many tourists.
And this is the point when my camera died. Oh well. Remember to charge before going out next time, Ve. 
And yes, I wish you were here. We would have sooo much fun walking around the city! :)

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