Saturday, 15 October 2011

This year.

"When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? 
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, 
just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!"
Dory, Finding Nemo

It hasn't been an easy year for me so far. But some things I am learning this year: 
how to let go of the past and not let it haunt and taunt me, 
how to stop painfully trying to fix things that aren't meant to be fixed.

I haven't been very successful yet, I keep stumbling and failing from time to time, but I would say I'm making some really good progress.

There. An enlightenment which came several months too late, my friends would say. But I wouldn't made it to this point if it weren't because of them. The friends who patiently sat and listened to my whining, moaning, self-pitying fest for the past few months. And are still willing to be friends with me after all this time! How very lucky I am. Thank you for being so kind. Please slap me in the face the next time I start moaning, alright?

My year started on a rather sour, dull note. But you know what? I'm determined to make this year end with a high-pitched, hysterical, happy note!

I saw Bob Dylan this year. That's one life-goal accomplished! Here's to another life-goal about to be chased: adventure in a whole different country. Cheers Singapore, see you in a few days.