Saturday, 27 August 2011

Old glasses.

Found these glasses during the last thrifting adventure. They were all for sale, and I've sold four out of five. Yay! These are used, vintage old glasses. They all have mild scratches on the frames but still in very good condition. All you need is to change the glass and voila! New sunglasses! New quirky glasses! I've even named them all! So please meet:

The Brownster
All the photos featured were only slightly adjusted for brightness/contrast. You can still see the scratches on the glasses.

The Rodenst
Yes, this one is a Rodenstock.

The Granny
This one comes with a super thick prescription lens, and it has holes at the bend to attach strings on it. Just like granny's glasses! :D

The Lennon

The Snakey
I'm keeping this one for myself. <3

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